about me

I am interested in making people’s lives better. For this, I work most of my time as advanced PhD student investigating the neurobiology of resilience to stress-related mental disorders at the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany (clinical neuroscience, funding CRC1193, German Resilience Center). My methodological focus lies on the application of graph theory to both psychological and brain data. Of special value to me is the research experience that I gained during a recent research visit at the Psychiatry Department of Cambridge University, UK.

My interest and expertise go beyond the academic ivory tower. Having worked outside academia is a very important experience for me. Two examples from my vita: Firstly, I have strong expertise in the professional design and development of psychological assessments Рparticularly in the field of emotional intelligence and HR. To mention a second example, I worked as a clinical neuropsychologist and treated patients with most severe brain injuries and disorders. 

How would I describe my philosophy of work? Well, what I enjoy most in a professional environment are synergies in highly complex projects that occur when people from different disciplines work together. Here, it is absolutely great to make use of agile project and process management tools. I believe this is how every team member benefits the most and teams achieve the best outcome in an efficient way.